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ra ra randwick

randwick, sydney nsw   -   33.9132° S, 151.2420° E


Inspired by travels across Japan with the owners, the design intent behind RA RA randwick was to capture the core elements of a Ramen-ya experience and to bring it back to Sydney.

From early discussions a brief was established to explore the ‘thrifty’ nature of Ramen-ya design and the application of simple, readily available materials with inherent textural qualities to create an atmospheric and memorable dining experience.  

The store layout is focussed on connecting the diner to the theatre involved in the preparation of various hand-made elements of the Ramen, which is ultimately at the heart of the RARA spirit.

Lighting, largely concealed apart from the warming glow of neon lights, is about creating mood and celebrating the various textures throughout the store – all whilst not competing with the food.

A black datum struck at counter height, present throughout the store, is a cue to suggest ‘it’s all about what’s happening above the counter’ and nothing else matters.

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